With a clear vision of how nature and cultural traditions are integral to our present and future well-being, we here at SAKE have invested years researching ancestral bio-textile technologies and developing formulas that harness the power of nature and work in harmony with local production environments. As a sustainable fashion brand, we are intimately familiar with each of the steps and processes in the creation of the materials we use. We select our materials based on whether their production is a positive and lasting source of growth for the communities with which we partner. These values are inalienable from the SAKE brand and are woven into the fiber of each piece of clothing we create.

Créditos: Jorge Cajacuri


While researching new and innovative biotechnologies for our sustainable brand, we discovered the Shiringa or “natural rubber” tree, which grows abundantly in the Amazon rainforest. Indigenous communities throughout the rainforest are, through generations of practice, experts at sustainably extracting the natural liquid latex sap of the tree in harmony with its seasonal and life cycles. 

A marriage of ancestral Amazonian techniques and contemporary aesthetics, the production of this biomaterial inherently contributes to the conservation of the rainforest and empowers Indigenous families out of poverty through economic development and sustainable landmanagement. No trees are cut down in the production of Shiringa-based bio-textiles

To learn more about our natural rubber apparel, please visit the AMAZKIN website.

Cares: Dry Cleaning only. 


Born of an awareness of nature and a belief that all forms of life are sacred, we have created a leather production process that avoids the unnecessary sacrifice of more animals. All leather used by SAKE is the by-product or “waste” of the meat industry or from animals who have perished from natural causes, e.g. those who freeze during the Andean snow season. Perhaps most importantly, our leather products are tanned using vegan and carcinogen-free formulas. The team at SAKE has developed a proprietary tanning technology that is free from petroleum, sulfides, chrome, and any other chemicals harmful to humans and the environment. 

Cares: Dry Cleaning only.


Every day, the fishing industry generates vast quantities of waste in the form of viscera and scales; quite often, these “by-products” are disposed of in a manner harmful to the local environment. SAKE has partnered with Amazonian fishing communities to find a second life for fish skins that would otherwise return to waterways as pollutants. 

The paiche fish (also called arapaima or pirarucu), is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. As a staple of the Amazonian diet, its thick, leathery skin is in abundant supply. Paiche “leather” is tough with a distinctive and elegant texture. After years of laboratory-based research and development, SAKE has developed a Paiche leather that is tanned and dyed without petroleum, sulfides, chrome, or any other carcinogenic materials. To this day, we continue our laboratory testing in order to provide Paiche leather accessories in a greater variety of textures and plant-derived colors.

Cares: Dry Cleaning only.


Alpaca fiber is an extraordinarily versatile wool, which has allowed us at SAKE to open different paths and possibilities in the development of unique collections. Alpaca fiber is integral to the history of Peru; the animal’s wool has been harvested, spun, and woven using ancestral techniques dating from pre-Incan times through to today. In addition to being incredibly warm and soft, it has the greatest color variety of any wool-yielding animal in the world. 

In recent decades, large-scale knitwear producers began exclusively purchasing white alpaca wool for its homogeneity and perceived versatility. As a sad necessity, alpaqueros have bred out alpacas with cream, brow, and black wools to the brink of extinction. SAKE knitwear intentionally utilizes naturally colored alpaca yarn for its incredibly rich colors and to preserve endangered breeds. 

Lastly, SAKE promotes best livestock management practices for shearing and material handling, ensuring respectful treatment and care of this ancient and sacred animal. We strive to protect the alpaca species and preserve the invaluable knowledge and culture of the Andean communities who live alongside them. 

Cares: Dry Cleaning only.


Native cotton has been grown in Peru for millenia. As a sustainable brand that values ancestral biotechnologies, we are honored to use the same cotton species grown by the Caral, the oldest civilization of the Americas. The native cotton color palette is characterized by soft tones ranging from cream to lilac to moss green. The natural hues of native cotton are preserved in the final garment; chemical dyes that would be harmful to the Andean ecosystem are not required to color this material. 

In order to reduce the environmental impact of growing native cotton, we adhere to ancient farming practices. The cotton is grown on land free of fertilizers and pesticides and with significantly lower water consumption rates than conventional cotton. 

Cares: Dry Cleaning only.


Organic cotton benefits farmers, the environment, and the buyer of our garments. Clothing made of organic cotton are hypoallergenic, the fabric is softer to the touch, and pieces are more durable as they are not subjected to aggressive chemical treatments and bleach. 

In not using pesticides or fertilizers in its cultivation, organic cotton contaminates 98% less groundwater and protects soil fertility. Additionally, organic cotton requires less water than conventional cotton. The small-scale organic cotton farmers with which SAKE partners aim to utilize stored rainwater in crop irrigation, thus protecting  the natural flow of their local environments’ waterways. Such farming techniques conserve natural resources and preserve land for future alternate use, ensuring a sustainable environmental and economic future for our farmers.  

Cares: Dry Cleaning only.

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